Monthly Bow Subscription

Monthly Bow Subscription

We will no longer be offering our Monthly Bow Subscription!

Monthly Bow Subscription Instructions

This is a monthly subscription that automatically comes to your doorstep! You will receive three beautiful bows that are perfect for the time of year.

Choose the size

Choose your desired size: Regular or Mini. Most people choose Mini for babies, and Regular for toddlers and school-aged girls.

Choose Alligator Clip

We have Alligator Clips that are on the Left or Right (depending on the girl's part in her hair: Right clip for a part on the left, and Left clip for a part on the right).

Or nylon Headband

Or for babies, we have nylon headbands in FOUR colors! (Nude, Maple, Java, or Black, to match your baby's head/hair)

Our Monthly Bow Subscription is only $22 and with free shipping, you save 30%!

You will be billed on the 5th of each month, and the bows will ship at the end of that month. The bows will be perfect for the beginning of the next month (October bows will be billed on September 5th, and shipped on September 25th). Cancel anytime.

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