What types of bows do you have?

-We sell four styles of bows: Gemma, PennyLolly, and Savannah. Each style has two sizes, regular and mini/baby. The Gemma Bow is a thicker bow that has square-edged tails which are pointed in different directions like a pinwheel and comes in two sizes, regular and mini. The Lolly Bow is similar to the Gemma, but it is much thinner, and it's all one width and comes in three sizes, large, regular and baby. Both the Gemma and the Lolly are sewn as folded over fabric. The Penny Bow is one piece of fabric (there is a wrong side on the back), and it has serged edges with tails that come to a point and come is and come in three sizes large, regular, and mini. The Savannah Bow is a thicker bow that had longer squared-edged tails which are pointed in the same directions and comes in one size. Click on the links above to see each style.


What are the hardware options for the bows?

-You can choose a clip for her left or ride side, depending on her part. Or you can choose a soft elastic headband that comes in 4 different colors. 


Will your clips stay in my daughter's hair?

-We can't promise anything, but our alligator clips are lined with coordinating ribbon and a proprietary no-slip-grip technology that is EXCLUSIVE to our shop. They hold hair better than any other clip out there! They are mom approved!  


Will your elastic fit my daughters head?

-Yes! Our elastic is one size fits all. It can fit a tiny newborn all the way up to adults. It is comfortable on the head, stays put, and should expand as the child grows.


How much does shipping cost? 

-Shipping is $4.00 for all US orders up to $49.99, and any orders over $50 include free shipping!


What is your turnaround time?

-3-5 days. Our bows are all hand made and we want to make sure each bow is perfect before is ships!


Are your products handmade?

-Yes! Our bows are made with great care and high quality materials. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our products. Each bow is sewn using minimal glue to hold them together. 


Do you offer returns/exchanges?

-Please contact hello@alittleladyshop.com with the issue. In most cases we can easily resolve any problems.


If you have any questions or are willing to send us pictures of your little lady in her accessories for advertising, please email us at hello@alittleladyshop.com.